State Of The Art Green Technology​

Eco-friendly process 

Our Green Technology
Supercritical CO2 extraction
& fractionation

As part of an ecofriendly approach, ACTIFS PRECIEUX is committed to offering production techniques compliant with our environmental and societal strategy.  

We intend to gain a valuable expertise in our key domain in order to ensure our customers’ satisfaction.

At ACTIFS PRECIEUX, we vigorously believe in the potential of nature. We are determined to deliver the highest quality standards and provide a diversity of raw materials. 

This Innovative Green technology allows us to minimize our environmental impact by reducing our energy consumption and the use of alternative solvents for the production of high-quality natural ingredients.


The ACTIFS PRECIEUX extraction plants are modern, green and ecological and operate at very high pressure up to 600 bars, which makes it possible to extend the fields of application with the capacity ranging from pilot to industrial scale.
Our expertise consists in modulating the extraction parameters to obtain innovative pure concentrated extracts of high quality.

From the development of inspirational extracts and active ingredients to the proposal of exclusive customized projects. 

- Extraction
- Adsorption - Desorption
- Liquid Fractionation
- Up to 600 bars


Liquids essences can be processed by means of CO2 column technology and further refined. 

Using this technology, is possible not only to concentrate required substances such as valuable aromas, but also to separate undesirable substances such as coloring agents.

Advantages Of Our Technology

Our technology are innovational and operate at very high pressure , which makes it possible to extend the fiels of application with the capacity ranging from pilot to industrial scale.

  • Inert atmosphere.
  • Moderate temperatures conditions.
  • Absence of harmful solvents and oxygen.
  • Finished products without residues.
  • Effective and selective extractions.
  • Recovery of substances in their natural form.
  • Generation of different fractions in a process.
  • Achievements of high yields.
  • Immediate application of all fractions.